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About Madarasa
Wellegoda is a village in Hunupitiya in the city of Wattala. Wattala is on the main road to the Colombo International Airport. Wellegoda has a population of 10000 – 15000 inhabitants. The Hindus have been one of the occupants of this village and to this date there are Hindus and Buddhists living amongst the majority Muslim population. The population is 90% literate, but it is a poor village which is economically backward.

The villagers live mostly in one roomed plank houses. The main occupation of the menfolk is doing labour jobs. Wellegoda has a Muslim mixed school established in 1947. It also had a one roomed mosque, also established in 1947. The Muslim school provides co-education to approximately 300 students.
In 1999, it was planned to expand the mosque, and due to the efforts of all persons and the blessings of Allah a three storied building was completed in 2006. The mosque is named AL BADRIYA JUMMA MASJID.
In 2003 it was planned to start a Madrasa in the mosque premises. It was started with 15 students and 2 teachers. Every year the student population increased as follows, 2004 – 15 students, 2005 – 50 students, 2006 – 75 students. The students are from various parts of SRI LANKA.

This is a residential madrasa where students are given accommodation and meals. Each student pays a small amount towards his studies and his upkeep. In 2005, it was planned to construct a new building for the Madrasa and its ground floor was completed in 2007.

The first floor was completed in 2008. The students increased to 85 in 2008, 100 in 2009, 130 in 2010 and 135 in 2011. The staff members increased from 2 in 2004 to 24 in 2011.

The madrasa is known as IBNU MASHOOD ARABIC COLLEGE. The students are taught the following subjects in addition to the Sharia and Hifl (memorization of the Quran) courses. English, Sinhala, Tamil and Arabic language, Social Studies, Computer Studies and Mathematics.

In 2009, the first batch of 7 students sat the G.C.E. (O.L) Examination and 5 students passed the exam. In 2010, 6 students sat the examination and 4 were successful. The Hifl course is a three year course and the Sharia course is a seven year course. Upto now 45 students have passed the Hifl course (memorization of the Quran).

The students also take part in extra curricular activities such as indoor games, soccer and cricket.
In 2008, it was decided to start a ladies college and as at date there are 38 ladies following the Sharia course. The ladies college is known as DARUL KADEEJAH LADIES COLLEGE.
The cost of construction of the above buildings and its maintenance were all funded from generous contributions received from our muslim brethren for whom we ask dua from Allah to shower his blessings upon them and their families.

We have two more storeys to complete in the madrasa building. Insha Allah, if we do complete it, we can cater to more students with more facilities. The cost of maintenance of the madrasa has always been a challenge as our monthly operational expenses amount to approximately Rs.550,000/- (US$5,500/-). Due to financial constraints befallen on our donors due to the prevailing economic situation in the country, some of our donors have stopped their contributions.

Since we have 130 students and 22 staff members, we have decided to allow any muslim well wisher to sponsor a student at Rs.4,000/- (US$40/-) per month. As sponsors, they will have the privilege of communicating with the students to keep abreast of their progress. Most of these students come from very poor homes, some in families with only one parent. Your generosity in helping us in the teaching of Islam will be greatly rewarded by ALMIGHTY ALLAH.
The Future
We hope, Insha Allah that we will be able to present our students for the G.C.E. (A.L.) Examination in the future.

We also plan on conducting classes for our elders in the recitation of the Holy Quran.

The following courses in Sharia will also be conducted in the future.

  • DOURATHUL HADEETH – Special Hadeeth Course
  • AL IFTA – Special Mufti Course.
  • DOURATHUL THAFSEER – Study about understanding the Holy Quran.
  • AL FARKU WAL ADIAN – Study of other religions.
  • Board of trustees 
  •   Al Haj Z.M. Nuhman Moulavi (Chairman)
  •   Al Haj S.Haja Mohideen
  •   Al Haj M.Sha Mihlar
  •   AL Haj A.H.M.Shiraz
  •   AL HAJ A.C.M.Thoufeek
  •   Al Haj A.K.Ariff
  •   Al Haj M.L.M.Y.Faizal
  •   Al Haj A.M.Saffan
  •   Al Haj J.M.Issaq
  •   Al Haj T.Y.Camal
    * The madrasa aims at producng law abiding citizens who believe in simple living and high thinking.
    * The students passing out from the madrasa should lead a peaceful and pious life.
    * The objective of the madrasa is to propagate the religion of Islam and to advice and guide the community and society on the correct path.
    * To conduct Alim courses.
    * To prepare scholars in various disciplines of islamic studies.
    * To teach students courses in Hifl. (memorization of the Holy Quran)
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