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7 Moulavis graduated this month. A passing out ceremony was held at the madrasa.
A Seminar was held  for senior students of nearly 20 madrasas on the next step after graduation. The seminar was conducted by Moulavi As Sheik Agar (Nalimi)
Students of our madrasa underwent counselling by Mr.Sabir Hussain. It was a good seminar and the students felt refreshed and motivated.(Seminar For Senior Students)
Amana Bank conducted a seminar on understanding the practice of islamic banking. Senior students & staff of 15 madrasas attended the seminar.
A Sports meet was held at Nawaloka grounds,Hunupitiya for Daru Kadija Kids Montessori.All the children enjoyed the sports meet as all of them were given prizes.
The library of Ibnu Mashood Arabic College was opened on 13TH April 2014. It was opened by distinguished guests headed by the chief guest the chancellor of the South eastern University Professor Achi.M.Ishaq.The other guests included the Jamiathul Ulama vice secretary As Shiek Thasim Moulavi,Chairman Commercial Exports Al Haj Zubair, Director of Jamiya Inamul Hassan,Atulugama As Sheik Haja Mohideen.

The library occupies an important place in any institution,and as stated by many people the minds of the students should not only be guided by teachers but also by various opinions and ideas of leading authors so that the students will have a balanced mind and will not follow extreme path.The library was a long felt need for us.With Almighty Allah's blessings and very generous contributions the need was fulfilled.The present books were purchased in madina and are in arabic and urdu languages.We want to expand the library to include Tamil,Sinhalese and English books.The library contains books on following subjects, Sharia,Tafseer,Islamic law, Hadees,Islamic history and Technology.

1st AL Alim and AL Hafil convocation of the Ibnu Mashood Arabic College was held on 1ST July 2012.This was held with the participation of a big crowd including parents of students,doners and well wishers.The event was blessed by a welcome rain.The welcome speech was made by the Principal of the college Al Haj Moulavi Nuhman.

The main address to the convocation was made by As Sheik Abdul Rahman (AL Malahiri) Principal Bari Arabic College,Weligama and As Sheik Agar Mohamed ( Nalimi), Deputy Director,Jamiah Naleemia,Aluthgama .There were nearly 20 leading Moulavis including As Sheik Abdulla,Jamiathul Falah Arabic College Kattankudy,As Sheik Aliyar (Devobandi) Principal Thabligul Islam Arabic College Sammanthurai and As Sheik A.C.M.Jiffry,Former Principal, AL Jamiathul Rahmaniya,Akurana.Six students of our college passed out as Moulavis after following 7 years of residential course of studies. The new moulavis names are

1) Moulavi N.S.Abdulla ( AL Mas-uoodi) Akbar Town,Hunupitiya.
2) Moulavi C.M.M.Zaid ( AL Mas-uoodi) Weligoda,Madampitiya.
3) Moulavi AL Hafil M.U.M.Suhail ( AL Mas-uoodi) Kalutara.
4) Moulavi M.R.M.Fazal ( AL Mas-uoodi) Welegoda,Hunupitiya.
5) Moulavi M.R.M.Ramli (AL Mas-uoodi) Maligawatte Colombo.
6) Moulavi S.M.Shaik Hassan (AL Mas-uoodi) Welegoda,Hunupitiya.

34 students passed out as Hafils.
1st Alima Convocation Of Darul Kadija Ladies Arabic College Was Held On 1st November 2012.The Welcome Address Was Given By AL Haj Moulavi Nuhman,Principal Of Darul Kadija Ladies Arabic College.The Main Speech Of The Convocation Was Given By As Sheik M.J.Abdul Kaliq,Director,Ibnu Omar Arabic College,Dehiwela. 12 Ladies Passed Out As AL Alimas Following A Four Year Course Of Studies.
Laying of Foundation stone for three storey building of Darul Kadija Ladies Arabic college was held on 5th March 2013 with the participation of AS Sheik Haja Mohiudeen (Thablihi),Director Jamiah Inamul Hassan,Atulugama.The Dua was recited by Moulavi AS Sheik Manafdeen (Falahi). All Committee members,Staff and students of IBNU Mashood Arabic College Led by the Principal AL Haj Moulavi Nuhman were present.
Next month our first batch of 6 Moulavis and 33 Hafiz will pass out. A grand official ceremony is being planned. This ceremony will be attended by learned islamic scholars and principals of leading madrasas.
The Madrasa conducts interhouse cricket tournaments. As such, students are put into different houses to compete in the tournaments.
The Madrasa conducts interhouse football tournaments, and here too the students are put into different houses to compete in the tournaments.
Sports meet
A non-standard sports meet is conducted once a year
We hope to have an oratorical contest with other madrasas in the near future.
A ladies arabic college is now in existence. This is known as Darul Kadeeja Ladies College. There are 38 ladies following the Al-Alima course. This is a four year course for day scholars only. We have already bought a piece of land for the ladies madrasa, the cost of which is Rs.5 Million. We have borrowed Rs.2.5 Million interest free funds from our Jama'ath, which has to be returned. We invite donations from well wishers to help us settle the loan quickly.
We have taken all our students to all parts of Sri Lanka on our annual trips Up to now we have gone on four trips.
A Montessori school was opened by the name of daru kadija kids Montessori school in Daru kadija ladies Arabic school premises on 15th January 2015.The school was opened by Mr.& Mrs.Faiz,proprietor of Lanka House Trading co. and Mr.Bin Ali,a corporate consultant & a trainer. There are 25 students and 3 teachers.The parents of students and well-wishers were present at the opening. The following gave speeches at the opening..

1) As sheik Nuhman Moulavi - Principal Ibnu Mashood. A.C.
2) As sheik Shiraz Moulavi - Secretary
3) As sheik Asker Moulavi - Imam AL-Badriya
4) Mr. Bin Ali

Mr.Sha Mihilaar proposed the vote of thanks. This is the first step for International Islamic English School.

We recieved a 30 Kgs Rice Steamer. This was donated by Brother Mohamed Mushin Firaz in memory of his beloved brother Mohamed Hisham. We and our students pray to Almighty Allah to grant Jennathul Firdous to Mohamed Hisham.
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